Pro Reverse Engineering Course – Challenge Yourself

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What you’ll learn

  • Decompiling . C, C++, Borland etc, PCODE & .Net Programs
  • De-obfuscation Techniques of Any Native & .NET Packers
  • Analyzing Native & .NET Malwares, Spywares Their Behaviour
  • Disassembling .NET binary to IL language
  • Decompiling .NET binary to C# or VBNET PCODE C C++ And More
  • Dynamic Analysis & Static Analysis
  • What are .SO libraries And How To Analysis Them
  • Setting up Lab For Reverse Engineering
  • Identifying Native Files vs .NET and Pcode Files
  • Decompiling Native & .Net Compiled Programs Into Source Code 
  • We will learn How to Recompiled Extracted Source Code
  • Reverse Engineering On Any Paid Programs
  • You Will Learn Complete Modification of Any Programs
  • How to make our own Patchers Programs
  • You Will Learn Cracking Techniques Of Online & Offline Tools
  • We Will Make Keygens For Softwares Using Different Programming Language
  • and much much more…


  • Windows PC
  • Interest in Malware Analysis And Deep Reverse Engineering
  • Basic Knowledge of  Computer would be helpful
  • Ofcourse Interest & Mind


In this course, you will learn how to check,analyze,Crack & Patch All kinds of Native & .NET Softwares and you will learn almost every kind of cracking methods & concepts in this course.This is a Professional and deep course and targeted to those who wants to learn deep reverse engineering.I will take you from zero to a professional level in the field of Reverse Engineering.You will learn using plenty of practical walk-throughs.We will learn how to professionally use dissembler and debuggers and i will introduce you with all the functions and features of the tools which will use in the course.All the paid needed tools and where to download them will be provided. By the end of this course you will become a Professional in reverse engineering of native & .net programs Guaranteed.

Go ahead and enroll now and I will see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has no background in malware analysis & reverse engineering and just starting out in this field
  • Anyone who wants to Earn Money with Revers Engineering
  • Hobbyists who just like to learn how to Crack.NET and Analysis malware
  • Students who like to get started on the career path to becoming Reverse Engineer
  • Students thinking of getting into Reverse Engineering or Malware Analysis as a Carreer Path
  • Students interested in Cyber Security and Pure Reverse Engineering

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction To Pro Reverse Engineering
  2. What Are Requirements Of Reverse Engineering
  3. Introduction To Latest Cracking Tools
  4. How We Can Earn With Reverse Engineering
  5. Learn About Advance Assembly Language
  6. Deep Complete Introduction of Debuggers
  7. Top Easy Solutions of Cracking
  8. How To Unpack All ASPack Protected Programs
  9. How To Unpack All UPX Protected Programs
  10. How To Unpack ASProtect Using Plugin
  11. How To Unpack ASProtect Using Tool
  12. How To Unpack ASProtect With Scripts
  13. How To Unpack Autoit Scripts & Crack Programs
  14. How To Unpack .Net Engima Protected Programs
  15. How To Force Dump Engima Protected Programs .Net
  16. How To Fully Unpack All VMProtect Programs .Net
  17. How To Fully Unpack Latest AgileDotNet
  18. How To Fully Unpack All Latest NetReactor
  19. How To Fully Unpack Crypto Obfuscator With Virtualize
  20. How To Bypass Registration Form Without Cracking .Net
  21. How To Modify And Bypass Registration .Net
  22. How To Extract Source Code & Recompile .Net
  23. How To Make Your Own Crack Me in C#
  24. How To Bypass Server Check And Crack Program
  25. How To Make Keygen Using Program DLL .Net
  26. How To Crack Driver Finder Latest Version Native
  27. How To Make Keygen For Native Programs
  28. How To Crack DRM Remover Software Native
  29. How To Crack IPhone Passcode Unlocker Tool Native
  30. 30 How To Crack Latest IDM Full Guide Native
  31. 31 How To Crack Latest RevoUninstaller Pro Native
  32. How To Crack Latest Screen Recorder Native
  33. How To Crack Latest Video Editor Software Native
  34. How To Crack Mobile Data Transfer Software Native
  35. How To Crack Private Disk Protector Native
  36. How To Crack Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition Native
  37. How To Crack Softwares Using Serial Fishing Techniques
  38. How To Crack Total Video Converter Native
  39. How To Crack USB AntiCopy Software Native
  40. How To Crack Video & Image Watermark Remove Native
  41. How To Decompile And Analysis .SO Files
  42. How To Extract Native Programs Source Code
  43. How To Extract Source Code & Recompile Native – PCODE
  44. How To Inject Messages In Compiled Programs Native
  45. How To Make Your Own Patcher Program
  46. How To Modify Any Software Tittle,Caption,Names & Dialogs Native
  47. How To Patch DLL And Bypass Registration – Xilisoft Video Converter Native
  48. How To Crack Latest Winzip Suite 
  49. How To Use Old Cracks In Latest Versions
  50. How To Prevent Reverse Engineering Against Programs

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Any actions and or activities related to the material contained within this Course is solely your responsibility.The misuse of the information in this Course can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The authors and Course Tutorials will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing the information in this Course to break the law.

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    i would love to have the course.. This would be so much helpful to me

  2. Hamza Shoukat

    Hamza Shoukat (verified owner)

    Wonderful Course to learn reverse engineering . would recommend it

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