Advance Course of Android Hacking

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Android Hacking and Penetration Testing course is a highly practical and hands on video course. The course will focus on the different tools and techniques for testing the Security of Android Mobile Phones. During the course, You will learn various topics such as Android Botnets With Live Keylogging Support, Android PHP RATS, Android APK Crypting and Exploitation, Coding Ransomware in Android Studio, static and dynamic Concept of android RATS etc. After finishing this course you will be able to perform a Penetration test on a given Android device and its applications

Course Topic

  1. Introduction to Advance Hacking
  2. Hack Android With SAS Out Of Network
  3. Hack Android Without Any Apk
  4. Lifetime Free Port Forwarding
  5. Crypt Any APK With Unique Method
  6. Make Your Own FUD Botnet
  7. Hack Android With FUD RAT
  8. Hack Android With Free Constant Port Forwarding
  9. Android Powerful FUD Ransomware
  10. Android FUD PHP RAT

Bonus 5 Extra Latest RAT For Android For Free


  • Windows Operating System Only
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Core I3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 1 GB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos With Clean Voice
  • File Size : 2.8 GB Downloadable

Note:- Open Support Ticket After Buying This Course for getting Your Player Password

Any actions and or activities related to the material contained within this Course is solely your responsibility.The misuse of the information in this Course can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The authors and Course Tutorials will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing the information in this Course to break the law.

    75 reviews for Advance Course of Android Hacking

    1. Zulfi Moideen

      Zulfi Moideen (verified owner)

      Best Android exploit course for this awesome deal!!!

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      ali khan

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      ali khan

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      Really having a great Deal with DedSec hope will deal more in Future like this and we also want more Courses from you bro . Keep teaching us . Thanks . 🙂

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      Nice bro trusty bro.. Maja aagya course Mai.. muji bhut Kuch seekni ko Mila ……

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      Mahmud Noyon

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    9. Gul Iqbal

      Gul Iqbal (verified owner)

      Great Course
      very easy and well explained
      greet job

    10. Shahid Malik

      Shahid Malik

      Fall In Love With Dedsec And His Courses


      Saddam Hussain (verified owner)

      It is a real and most trusted person and advance material are available and discussed in videos.

    12. micheal corvin

      micheal corvin (verified owner)

      This is one the best course anyone with the interest of Cyber security would opt for THANK YOU dedsec team for the efforts and hope to get such excellent courses in future as well, thank you

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      Best teacher

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      Good course
      100% true

    17. Ali Hamza

      Good course
      And make more courses​
      Best discount.

    18. Aditya singh

      Ossum courses brother

    19. Aditya singh

      Nice course smjhane ka tarika acha hai

    20. Satyam Singh

      Satyam Singh (verified owner)

      Best course and well explained from zero to hero

    21. Deep Thapa

      Deep Thapa (verified owner)

      advanced and best android hacking course

    22. Muhammad Kamran

      Muhammad Kamran

      Assalam O Alaikum sir..
      Sir bht bhttttt shukria apsy jo mainy advance android hacking ka jo course lia hy bht acha hy, isky har task pr mainy kam kia hy or 100% working ho jati hy is pr. Mera etmad rakhny k ley bht shukria apka, or mn request krta hon k agy b ap esy achy achy courses bnaty rahin taa k humari knowledge mn or b zyada izafa ho…

    23. sonu huriawal

      sonu huriawal (verified owner)

      Great Course by Dedsec. very easy and well explained in hindi.

    24. penny dcosta

      penny dcosta (verified owner)

      The way how the tools are provided and the things are explained differs dedsec from others trustworty and good customer service.

    25. Jivan

      Can you make a course on drm removal from prime videos and netflix

    26. Bilal

      I slute you sir ap ka kam.bohat zbrdast h very easy mathdos hy samjhny ky iam very impressive
      And ap ny har time mere help ki is course ky hawaly sy great sir .

    27. Rabin Shrestha

      Rabin Shrestha

      great course .sab kuch hai androic hacking ke bare mein bahut badiya

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      Great in all Course Fully Satisfied with Service 100%.
      Nice bro trusty bro.. Maja aagya Course Mai..
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    29. SHIVAM RAO


      A great source of knowledge bro.. thank for your great effort for providing that ultimate knowledge about Android.. really thankful to you bro… A great and must recommended course .. go for it

    30. Neetin Bhargav

      Neetin Bhargav

      DedSec courses are awesome course. all his courses are spectacular Course. You can learn a lot from this course

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      sameer vishal (verified owner)

      i had purchase this course ADVANCE COURSE OF ANDROID HACKING by dedsec, its amazing course i like this bcos its in hindi amazing course

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      shaik dawood haja (verified owner)

      your course awesome , greatjob , thanks you very much cheif.

    33. Shah Kazmi

      Shah Kazmi

      Thank you dedsee for creating this.. em so v.thank full to you.. your course awsome thanks again

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      Mt Singh

      It’s really Awesome. I always see your Videos it is too good. I really wants Thankful to Dedseec. Love you Sir.

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      Mr hero thxz for giving knowledge

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      Mohsin Asif

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      firoz sheikh

      Sir best teacher ek ek pont samjhane ka tarka kafi accha laga. Maine bahut sochne k baad ye course kharida q ki main aur sites pe paisa laga k barbaad kar diya par mujhe yaha bahut kuch mila Allah ka shukar hai kafi dhundne k baad ek accha teacher mil gye

    39. ranjith kumar

      ranjith kumar

      I Never Expected But course is real world of hacking
      I think Dedsec is a Blackhat Hacker
      I love Dedsec??

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      dedseec bhot kamal ka teacher hai superb brother keep it going hum support karge

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      Best course
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      its a great course, if you are looking into android hacking then you must buy this course by dedsec its awesome

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      Bro buhat acha course hai app ka maim ne buy buhat kuch sikhnay ko mila

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      Mohiuddin Khan

      Best course ever thanks sir

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      A good course with reasonable price.It is good for a curious learner

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      Nice course

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      ANKIT SAINI (verified owner)

      Best Course Advance Course of Android Hacking Good All Video best hacking ke liya

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      anony mous

      Unbelievable course.

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      Very ver Best course

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      DedSec Best Teacher

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      syam Charan (verified owner)

      Very satisfied with dedsec advanace android hacking course trust me he is the one who teach advance course which work ?

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      One of the best course super awesome knowledge

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      Awesome Work guys. Appreciated

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      Best course for android hacking and 100% practical with free tools and 100% value for money

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      nice i goto purchase

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      Suvadip Dutta (verified owner)

      The instructer is very very helpful and supportive from chossing the course to downloading the contents..I am from india and suggest all to buy the course its really worth the money and his instructer hardwork deserves the money

    63. Awan Ahmed

      Awan Ahmed

      Very simulated lectures, interesting course build up advance level of knowledge about android hacking. Keep it up and up, Best of luck.!!!!!!

    64. asad omar

      asad omar (verified owner)

      good course

    65. Lutf Ali

      Lutf Ali

      Thanks Alot sir This course is amazing realyy great crouse mere concept clear hogai

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      Nice Course sir thak you

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      very nice course

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      There are excellent courses. This adds a lot of information. It is explained in a very simple way. So I give it a full star

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      Pankaj Dhami

      This is a amazing course you are going to enjoy more thing learn more things. Its is in easy language. Best course in history of internet . Android exploits and many more thing to learn…??? happy with this course and satisfying.

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      Waseem Ahmad

      A great course thanks keep making more courses



      Awesome course the content is very good

    72. Trust U

      Trust U (verified owner)

      Fantastic course to know learn in a practical way….The instructor is very knowledgeable and show & explains every steps clearly.

    73. Abhishek gupta

      Abhishek gupta (verified owner)

      Bro video Play nhi ho raha course lekar kya karunga password to de do bro kl hi course kharida aaj subh se msg kar raha

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      Fully satisfied 😍
      Totally worth it type of course. Thanks for the course, Dedsec

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