Complete Basic Course Of Android Hacking

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Course Topic

  1. Introduction About Android
  2. Droidjack(WAN)
  3. Spynote
  4. Metasploit Binding App
  5. TheFatRat(WAN)
  6. HoverWatch (WAN)
  7. Hack Whatsapp Without Touching
  8. Hack Facebook Without Touching
  9. Trace Exact Location of any Number
  10. Hack Android Without WIFI Router
  11. Hack Android With WIFI Router
  12. Setup Port Forwarding Of Any Router

Bonus 10 RAT For Windows For Free


  • Windows Operating System
  • Linux Any Distro
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Core I3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 1 GB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos

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7 reviews for Complete Basic Course Of Android Hacking

  1. Soumya sethi

    Soumya sethi (verified owner)

    nice course i like it ,i purchase 2 courses from here and want to know more ….

  2. Hemanta kanhar

    Hemanta kanhar (verified owner)

    I liked this course very much and I did not see such advanced course at such a low price anywhere and this course helped me a lot of in learning about Android hacking.Thanks

  3. angry soul

    angry soul (verified owner)

    This is the best & easy course i saw. I like one thing in DEDSEC is that “he always says to concentrate and understand the way of doing hacking and he wants to listen carefully so that we can get good knowledge & he wants us to understand the process so that we can learn and implement easily”. He is offering the best course at low price I recommend all of his supporters and fans to buy these courses and encourage him. All the best Bhai & Keep it up.

  4. ali khan

    ali khan

    I never seen this type of course before great dude

  5. Salman khan

    Great Course On 1500 rupee price

  6. Gopal Rajput

    Gopal Rajput

    Great Course.. Worth it

  7. Mehak Sachdeva

    Mehak Sachdeva (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this course, it was a great learning opportunity for me .. This is an amazing course which impacts the learner positively and makes him/her able to hack android with different methods.. I had never seen such course before .. it is full of practicals ..

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