Antivirus Evasion Course

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What is Antivirus Evasion?
Antivirus Evasion means creating fully undetectable viruses for different platforms like Windows, Linux,Android etc. You will learn many powerful techniques Of FUD in this practical video course and you will see how we can bypass any kind of Antivirus with Live Proof In Videos.

Course Topic

  1. Introduction of AVS Crypters & Virus
  2. Bypass AVS Runtime using Based64 Technique
  3. Signature Cloning Bypassing Runtime
  4. Bypass Windows Defender For Lifetime
  5. Make your Stub Clean
  6. Manually Encrypting Virus using Algorithm
  7. Using Different Algorithm For Cleaning Virus
  8. Making FUD Virus Using C# And HEX
  9. Code Your Own Crypter
  10. Android Botnet


  • Windows Operating System
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Core I3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 3 GB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos

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Any actions and or activities related to the material contained within this Course is solely your responsibility.The misuse of the information in this Course can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The authors and Course Tutorials will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing the information in this Course to break the law.

17 reviews for Antivirus Evasion Course

  1. MD Arif hossain

    MD Arif hossain (verified owner)

    Nice Course

  2. aprameya Pattnaik

    aprameya Pattnaik (verified owner)

    Best course ever.. very good stuff

  3. Shams Khan

    Shams Khan (verified owner)

    Honestly I never been seen course like this YOu are great Person to make courses like this i highly recommended to buy the course I fud my virus 100000% Thankio so much sir

  4. micheal corvin

    micheal corvin (verified owner)

    One of the Best Courses you can find in the market , Thank you Dedsec Team , Guys knowledge is Power want to gain power you should check out this course,

  5. Mehak Sachdeva

    Mehak Sachdeva (verified owner)

    Bhot Hard ..???

  6. Mehak Sachdeva

    Mehak Sachdeva (verified owner)

    Fully Practical Based ❤❤ nd superbly explained

  7. penny dcosta

    penny dcosta (verified owner)

    i managed to bypass antivirus learning the course , and the tools provided work great,

  8. Rabin Shrestha

    Rabin Shrestha

    kamaal ka course hai everyone should buy it

  9. sohil tadhani

    sohil tadhani (verified owner)

    Great in all Course Fully Satisfied with Service 100%.
    Nice bro trusty bro.. Maja aagya Course Mai..
    Mere pass apki sab course he..or bhai aapke course me kafi kuch differnt chiz shikhne ko milti he..isliye jab vi new course release karteho me buy karta hu.or new course ka wait karta hu..really love you dedsec.

  10. harsh parasiya

    harsh parasiya (verified owner)

    Good course about EVASION the minute details are explained very well.

  11. Neetin Bhargav

    Neetin Bhargav

    DedSec courses are awesome course. all his courses are spectacular Course. You can learn a lot from this course

  12. Pratik Kka


  13. Mohammad Ameen

    Mohammad Ameen (verified owner)

    i have learn alot and get to know many different techniques of antivirus andhow to bypass antivirus

  14. Abdullah

    Good course Alhamdullilah. I have purchased his advanced course in android hacking, wifi hacking, reverse engineering and antivirus evasion….he has done a good job. I am also waiting for his website hacking course..Thank you dedsec.

  15. Arnav Gupta

    Arnav Gupta

    Very nicely explained and working course

  16. Naresh d

    Naresh Yenagandula (verified owner)


  17. .kklll kjiu

    .kklll kjiu (verified owner)

    threats found

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