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The SIM card cloning means, creating another SIM card with the same information as the original. A sim is an electronic chip inside a mobile phone which has memory and mobile operator information, through which a mobile subscriber gets services (SMS, Call, and Data) from the mobile network operator. Cloning means creating a duplicate copy of something,For sim card, cloning means creating a duplicate new sim card with the same information as the older one. Means sim should be able to attach the mobile network and can perform voice, SMS, and data.


How to avoid Sim Card Cloning?

There is only one way, that does not allow someone to keep your sim card or get access to it.  While giving your handset to anyone, make sure that you remove your sim card. If, for any reason, you feel that another person needs a sim card from you, then make sure he does not access a sim card from any software. So always keep eyes open to avoid sim card cloning.


What will i Learn ?

  • You will learn about sim cards.
  • You will learn about sim algorithms.
  • We will learn how we can recover sim data.
  • Students will learn how we can clone sim cards.
  • You will also learn about sim card readers and softwares.


  • Basics Knowledge of Computer
  • Windows Operating System 10
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Core i3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 1.25 GB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos


Who this course is for:-

  • You
  • Ethical and Black Hat hackers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Security engineers
  • Network engineers
  • IT security professionals
  • Computer Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to Hack
  • Anyone using internet
  • Anyone who wants to know the blackhat hacking world
  • Anyone who wants to secure their data
  • If you are a female hacker you become totally irresistible to men.


Course Topics:

1 Introduction Of Sim Cloning
2 Things Required For Sim Cloning
3 How To Install Required Softwares
4 How To Extract & Recover Data Of SIM
5 How To Clone Sim Cards
6 How To Clone 3G 4G Sims

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Any actions and or activities related to the material contained within this Course is solely your responsibility.The misuse of the information in this Course can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The authors and Course Tutorials will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing the information in this Course to break the law.

15 reviews for SIM Cloning Course – Make Duplicate SIMS

  1. Lutf Ali

    Lutf Ali

    Best Course i have never before seen Thanks a Lot sir God Bless You

  2. Awais khan (verified owner)

    Best course, Latest Research.

  3. honey rajput

    honey rajput

    Best course Ever 😍

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  5. Daakku Daaddy

    Daakku Daaddy (verified owner)

    Love you bhai keep it up

  6. Waseem Ahmad

    Waseem Ahmad (verified owner)

    Very interesting course,

  7. Thalam Logger

    Thalam Logger (verified owner)

    Im totally amazed with this course seriously.

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  9. Mohan

    I need this course

    • Ded Sec


      then place your order directly in website.

  10. taheer (verified owner)

    Really understanding and useful informations:)


    Which device should I purchase for sim reading

    • Ded Sec


      All are explained in the course

  12. Abraham Perlow

    Abraham Perlow (verified owner)

    Hello! I just paid for this course, but I can’t find it on my account or in my email.. Where do I access it from or download it at least?

    • Ded Sec


      your course is released

  13. Anirban Mondal

    Anirban Mondal

    I am from India.How can I buy the course sir ?

    • Ded Sec


      you can pay us using upi paytm

  14. Nepic Silva

    Nepic Silva (verified owner)

    Good course, learn A to Z in how to clone sim card

  15. Ninja Hyper

    Ninja Hyper

    Unable to buy course, upi not working and paypal also not working

    • Ded Sec


      you can use upi

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