Anubis 7.0 Banking English Version | Android Botnet With Builder



What Is Anubis?
Anubis is 
one of the most potent Android botnets. Its features give its controllers virtually carte blanche access to infected devices, with victims unaware of the amount of personal and financial data it can steal from a phone.


  1. Windows 10 [ Recommended System ]
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 7
  4. Java Jre & Java Jdk Should Be Installed
    Java Jre: Click Here 
    Net framework 3.5: Click Here


  • Name Change in Apk
  • Icon Change In apk
  • IP/Url Change In Apk
  • Encord function
  • Traffuc Tapping
  • InTerval Tapping

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