What are OTP bots?

One-time password (OTP) bots are automated programs attackers can use to extract one-time authentication passwords from users by tricking people into divulging an authentication code that has been sent by email, SMS, or even an authentication app. Once the fraudster is authenticated, they can perform unauthorized actions (like transactions) from MFA-protected accounts.

How do OTP bots work?

OTP bots essentially use the normal process of getting a one-time password for authentication online by tricking the victim into thinking they’re from the company in question, such as a bank.
The fraudster gives the victim’s information to the OTP bot.
The OTP bot contacts the victim and asks for the account OTP.
The victim provides or enters the OTP for the bot.
The bot distracts the victim while the fraudster accesses the account instead.
The fraudster then steals money or card information from the victim’s account.


  • Windows Operating System 10 OR 11
  • 4 GB RAM at least
  • Core I3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 500MB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos With Clean Voice
  • Telegram Account

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