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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Download New Crypter By Salem Mahmoud 2019 Full FUD

Download Latest FUD Crypter By Salem Mahmoud 2019

A Crypter Encrypts your files, while a Packer packs your files usually with the intention of making it smaller in size and sometimes for it to be undetectable on virus scans.

What's the difference between a Runtime and Scantime Crypter?

Both can look exactly the same so you better watch out..

-A Runtime Crypter encrypts the specified file and when executed (ran), it is decrypted in memory. This way antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file before executed and after executed.

-A Scantime Crypter encrypts the specified file so antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file only before executed but NOT when executed.

How do i know which antiviruses detect my file?

There are many sites with this same purpose of scanning files and giving a report of which antiviruses detect your files. The main issue leading to Crypters becoming detected is because if you or someone who is in posession of your crypted file, scans it on some of these scanner sites, the crypted file will be distributed to the antivirus vendors, thus causing the crypted code overwritten on your file to become detected, which in turn causes your Crypter to turn out detected. I recommend that you scan your files on - But MAKE SURE the "Do not distribute sample" check box is checked.

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